Rainier Ave Business Coalition (@RainierABC) is a collaborative effort to give representation to businesses between Genessee and Brighton.

In 2019 the Hillman City and Columbia City Business Associations joined forces to understand how to better serve businesses in District Two’s under-represented areas from Genesee to Brighton.

RainierABC hopes to harness the power of collaboration. Join us as we work to fill gaps in service, bridge divides, help structure lines of communication. This is about sustainability for small businesses in the beating heart of South End‘s hyper-local economy. Let’s build a driving force behind individual neighborhood culture. 

We all know there is a severe lack of service and representation in pockets of Southeast Seattle, for brick and mortars and especially for home businesses. RainierABC recognizes the imperative to take action to preserve and bolster South End economy and culture.

The RainierABC foundational pillars are to preserve, protect, and uplift South End businesses and the communities they serve.

RainierABC will focus its efforts initially on brick-and-mortar businesses in and around Hillman and Columbia Cities, spreading out into areas that aren’t currently being served by a business association, like Genesee and Brighton. They’ll engage the numerous home-based businesses and entrepreneurs in the area and provide multi-faceted outreach to businesses and stakeholders, focusing on responding to business needs. They’ll endeavor to link city resources for small business technical assistance to those who need it. 

RainierABC hopes to be a friend, resource, and partner to other community groups, utilizing collective resources to efficiently produce beautiful results—ensuring that each neighborhood retains its individual character as the districts grow and change.

If you have any questions about RainerABC, our work, city resources, small business technical assistance, membership, or more, please don’t hesitate to reach out. And please follow us on Facebook!

(Featured image: Copyright 2008 Mattgrundy via Wikimedia Commons.)